Service User Management System

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Following winning a major new contract from the National Health Service, a service provider for adult mental ill health services needed a computerised system to allow them to manage and demonstrate clear progress for each service user they were working with.

Having worked with Perceptis over a number of years on smaller projects, it was a natural choice to appoint Perceptis to develop their new web-based Service User Management System.

Service User Management

Service Users attend at one or more of the provider's premises for the purpose of carrying out therapeutic work to rebuild confidence, gain experience and put them on a journey back to meaningful employment. These service users can also undertake accredited training course to gain new skills and qualifications.

The Service User Management System allows each individual to be entered and as well as their basic details, their medical condition and special needs can all be recorded and made available to the members of staff working with that service user.

Details of the consultation meetings before the service user joins and ongoing review meetings are all recorded in the system, allowing the service users' needs and progress to be properly reviewed and managed.

Attendance Management

Service users receive a small payment for each half-day they attend, for this purpose and to produce fire registers the system has to keep track of attendance dates.

Once the pattern of work and/or training has been agreed with a service user, the system allows their preferred attendance days to be entered for each section they will attend, and then recurs this pattern for a specified period, thus creating their programme for the period ahead.

Each section manager is able to print out a fire register and also mark in the system when a service user does not attend as planned, marking that slot with the reason for non-attendance.

This information is then used to calculate how much money each service user should receive, and as service users can be paid by BACS or in cash the system further calculates the cash payment coin denominations to order from the bank.

Training Courses

The service provider runs both accredited and non-accredited training courses at their own training centre in association with a local college. The Service User Management System allows each course and unit to be entered, along with all the planned presentation dates for the various units.

When assigning Service Users to these training courses, the system can automatically work out and fill in the planned attendances, based on the presentation dates for the course. The system retains a history of all courses and units each service user has undertaken along with their results and grades.


The service provider is obligated to produce quarterly reports for their funders to show demographic breakdowns and numbers for new service users and those moving on to employment or other training, as well as many other key performance indicators.

The reports are used to provide accountability for the funds being used, as well as allowing the service provider to be able to use them to measure their own performance. The report data can be viewed on screen or output to PDF or Excel for printing, e-mailing or further processing.