Risk Management Software

Measure Risk & Prove You Are Managing It

Risk Management

If you have employees who face different individual or public risks based on the work they do for you each day, such as company vehicle drivers, then it is important to be able to identify, monitor, classify and measure the risks each individual faces, and to demonstrate that this risk portfolio is being managed proactively wherever possible.

We have developed several Risk Management Systems that measure risks applicable to individuals, and then identify the individuals most at risk so action can be taken to improve their performance and reduce their risk.

Measuring Risk

In order to manage risk you have to first measure it, and this can be done in a number of ways. One way is to ask each individual to take an online survey where the questions are designed to ask them about their daily activities in a number of areas. Another common alternative is to have a properly qualified person risk assess each individual.

Grading & Focussing Risk Reduction

By giving each individual a risk score it becomes possible to rank those individuals according to their risk exposure, therefore allowing prioritisation of preventative measures which can then be applied to those most at risk - first. Then the next highest risk individuals can be tackled and so on.

Proving Management Of Risk

Where risk avoidance measures are taken, then the Risk Management Software should allow each action to be recorded, along with the date and time, who took the action and what was done.

This information then collectively forms an audit trail, that should the worst happen, can be used to show that risk was measured and positive action was taken to remove that risk.

Multi-Site Organisations

If your organisation operates over multiple locations then it is likely risk will need to be managed both at a 'group' level and at each individual location or sub set of locations.

Our Risk Management Software uses a set of user permissions to allow managers at each location to be able to login and measure, view and manage risk for their staff only, whilst people who need to manage risk nationally are able to login and see all locations or sites.

Management By Exception

This hierarchical approach is ideal for management by exception. Typically our Risk Management Systems will allow the overall risk level at each location to be viewed so locations with high risk or not managing risk properly can be identified.

Drilling down into the location will then reveal the risk scores for each of the individuals there, and clicking on an individual will show all the details of that individual's risk measurement and what has been done to reduce it - if necessary.

Many Possibilities

This is, of course, just a flavour of how good Risk Management Software might work, but each case is different. Whatever your requirement we would love to discuss with you how we could help your organisation reduce risk and protect itself.