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The owners of all premises covered by the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 have a legal obligation to ensure the presence of Legionella bacteria in the water systems of those premises is properly controlled to protect people using those premises against the risk of contracting Legionnaires' Disease.

Typically this results in a water hygiene & management regime being implemented that checks to ensure the conditions that promote Legionella growth do not occur. This means the hot and cold water outlets have to be above and below the 50-20 degrees Celsius range respectively and that the water systems must be inspected for the build up of nutrient sources and for dead legs and unused parts of the system where water can stand.

Tackle Information Overload

With tests ranging from weekly to two-yearly, over a larger estate, it can quickly become impossible keep track of all of the assets, test results and work needed to correct non-conformances, and this task is multiplied for contractors who manage the estates for many customers.

aquaAdept™ is a web-based compliance management system that takes the pain away by making it simple to view and access all necessary information, ensuring no work gets missed, providing a full compliance audit trail and allowing much more intelligent allocation of human resources to save cost and increase efficiency.

Asset Register

It is necessary to keep an up to date list of all the water assets in each building and aquaAdept™ allows a full asset register for all of the buildings under management to be easily maintained.

Testing Regime

Each different type of asset requires a different testing regime and frequency and aquaAdept allows the test and frequencies to be defined as is necessary according to the water hygiene contract.

Knowing the location of all the assets and the tests & checks that need conducting on each, the system is able to dynamically build a work schedule, ensuring nothing gets missed.

Testing engineers are able to download their workload to a PDA which guides them to the locations and assets that need testing and specifies precisely the work which should be carried out. The PDAs work with all major mobile operating systems and further allow the engineers to capture results and submit them back to the master system.

Non-Conformance Handling

Where regular checks are not completed or the result is not as it should be, aquaAdept™ automatically raises non-conformances and allows these to be sent to all necessary parties.

The system then allows the necessary corrective actions to be managed so that the related non-conformances can be closed, whilst maintaining a full audit trail of every action taken.

Simple To Use

Stakeholders at all levels are able to login to the system and simply view the date that is relevant to them, while flexible dashboards provide instant overviews and enable management by exception. The system is widely acknowledged as being very intuitive and easy to use.

The Bigger Picture

The information here only skims the surface of what this powerful system is capable of. A fuller overview can be seen at the dedicated aquaAdept™ Legionella Software website.

aquaAdept™ is the water hygiene implementation of assetAdept™ a flexible asset management system that can handle many different areas of compliance simultaneously.

aquaAdept™ and assetAdept™ are used by many companies involved in asset management and compliance including large facilities management companies, water hygiene and multi-compliance focussed contractors and large estate owners themselves.