Leaflet Distribution Software

Take Control Of Your Distribution Cycle

Leaflet Distribution

If you deliver leaflets or other publications by vehicle then accuracy, efficiency and the ability to prove performance are key. Good Leaflet Distribution Software will make your operation far more effective by ensuring you deliver the correct number of the correct items to the correct location in the most efficient way.

We have developed Leaflet Distribution Software for customers that have significantly reduced human error and cut cost, while boosting customer satisfaction and improving response and take-up rates.

Delivery Planning

Good Leaflet Distribution Software will be able to look at all the leaflets to be delivered and break the work down into runs, with a run being an efficient route to all the outlets in a specific area.

The runs then effectively turn into jobs, i.e. the work to deliver one or multiple items to each location on the run, and can be assigned to someone to carry out.

Recurring Deliveries

If deliveries need to recur on regular basis, such as the monthly or quarterly delivery of magazines, this recurrence can be built into the system so these delivery jobs are created automatically.

Delivery Manifests

The Leaflet Distribution Software will build delivery manifests, informing the person making the deliveries what needs to be delivered where. If vans are being used for deliveries the system will produce loading sheets.

Alternatively, an electronic delivery manifest can be produced which can be downloaded to a PDA or Tablet. Whether paper or a PDA is used, the deliveries can be put in a fixed order to ensure the most efficient route is used.

Proof Of Delivery

For proof of delivery, the customer can sign a box next to their delivery on the manifest or the PDA can capture the customer's signature. Where the number of leaflets delivered is important, such as when topping up tourist information racks, these quantities can also be captured.

Stock Control

Stock control is often an important factor in Leaflet Distribution Software. By entering the original stock level, the system is able to reduce that stock as each delivery is made, thus keeping an up-to-date running total.

This allows for more leaflets to be printed when stock is starting to run low and allows all stock to be accounted for.

Management Reports

The Leaflet Distribution Software is capable of producing many key management reports. If required, customers can login to the system themselves and see data about the deliveries of their own publications, without being able to see any other data.

The Management Reports can also be used to look at the performance of the delivery staff as well as for optimising runs and routing.

Many Possibilities

The process outlined here is, of course, just a basic overview of how good Leaflet Distribution Software might work to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and reduce cost. Every case if different and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how a solution from us could help your organisation.