Service Management Software

Never Let A Customer Down

If you have a regular flow of work that you need to track, ensure is executed correctly, and then invoice accurately, then a good Service Management Software can bring some major efficiency improvements. This is even more important if you employ field based staff such as engineers, merchandisers or drivers.

This is a requirement we have solved several times with a bespoke software development to meet our client organisation's precise needs.

Tracking The Jobs

Service Van

Typically our Service Management System solutions allow the work to be easily entered so all jobs are recorded and known and none get missed. Jobs can then be coded according to the type of work and allocated to someone responsible for managing or carrying out the work. If the work comes in a standard electronic format it is often possible to import it into the system.

Where work repeats at known intervals, we have built scheduling systems which will automatically create the job entries at the right time based on the frequency of the work.

The Service Management Software builds schedules of the work to be done for each field operative and picks up all other relevant information that is needed to complete the work successfully. Managers are able to see a 'helicopter view' as well as the current status of each job. Exception reporting is used to highlight work that is overdue or which has not been allocated for whatever reason.

Managing The Delivery Of The Work

The Service Management System will typically capture what work was carried out to complete the job and, if necessary, can capture any materials or other assets used. Even if the work involves complex data capture, this is no problem and mobile devices can be used where remote data needs to be handled.

The Service Management Software can also enforce quality control, by making sure the person carrying out the work does it in the correct order and to any formal procedure. The system is also capable of trapping errors or omissions by verifying inputs and checking for invalid combinations of data etc.

Customer Feedback & Invoicing

It is possible for the Service Management System to automatically produce any documentation that needs to be sent to the customer confirming job completion and providing details of exactly what was done. Our systems will also typically keep a track of which jobs have been invoiced to make sure that invoicing never gets missed.

In addition, reports are used to highlight areas where efficiency and therefore profitability could be improved. By allowing customers real time access to key information about their particular jobs, significant customer service benefits can also be achieved.

Many Possibilities

This is, of course, just a flavour of how good Service Management Software might work, but each case is different. Whatever your requirement we would love to discuss with you how we could help make your organisation more efficient and profitable.