Service User Software

Keep Track Of Every Individual

If your organisation has to handle individuals' records sensitively, and you need to keep accurate records about each person (service user), then good Service User Software can really help.

We have developed systems for our customers that allow details of individual service users to be kept in a secure way, along with a full case history and measurements of progress and goals for those individuals.

Holding Service User Details Securely

Each service user is able to be entered into the Service User Software along with all the important details that need to be kept about that individual.

As with any individual, there will inevitably be data about the service user that only key members of staff should be able to view. A system of user permissions is typically used to determine what each logged in staff member can see, ensuring they can only access information necessary for them to do their job. This would also apply throughout the entire Service User System.

Attendance / Fire Registers

If the service user attends your premises, then it will be important to keep a record of those attendances and to know who is in the building in case of emergency.

If it is known in advance who is due to attend, then a planning function can be built in, where it becomes possible to mark on an interactive calendar the sessions each service user is due to attend.

If the service user needs to attend to a regular pattern, such as to attend a training course that has known presentation dates, then the Service User Software can be designed to automatically plan attendance for all course members on each presentation date.

By knowing who is due to attend each section of the premises each day, it becomes possible to allow an Attendance Register to be printed, and for staff to mark in the Service User Software whether the service user actually attended or not. This can then be linked to remuneration or Key Performance Indicators as required.

Interactions & Case History

If your organisation works with service users through regular meetings or other sessions, then it is possible to record the results of those interactions to build up a case history for the service user.

If the meetings are pre-booked, the Service User Software allows those dates to be put in a diary and will send automatic e-mail notifications and/or produce pre-filled PDF meeting confirmation letters which can be e-mailed or posted.

Risk Management

If the service users pose any sort of potential risk to your organisation's staff, then each service user would typically be given a risk score which all members of staff who need to interact with that individual should be able to see.

Progress & Goals

In some cases it is important to be able to measure the progress of each service user to ensure the service being delivered to them is giving a benefit. One way of doing this is to set goals for the service user to achieve together with a timeframe.

These goals can then be reviewed at regular meetings and then once achieved a new goal can be set, or the original goal changed as is required.

Many Possibilities

This is, of course, just a flavour for how good Service User Software might work, but each case is different. Whatever your requirement we would love to discuss with you how we could help make your organisation more efficient.