Mobile Application Development

Complete control - on the move and in your pocket!

Mobile application development creates application software specifically for handheld devices, such as smart phones, tablets, personal digital assistants (PDAs), enterprise digital assistants (EDAs) etc.

Mobile applications can be pre-installed on phones during manufacturing, downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms, or delivered as web applications to provide an "application-like" experience within a Web browser.

Around 40% of internet access is now done through handheld devices, and this is set to grow especially in business use. There's no need to be chained to a desk or lug a laptop around just to stay in control.

When you are on the move you want to carry one device and do as much as you can with it. Stay in control by accessing all the management reports, stats and data you need quickly and easily - wherever you are.

We develop mobile applications to work standalone or as an extension to your web presence - it's all about the operational and customer benefits you want to deliver.

Choose Your Operating System & Your Device

We develop mobile applications for all the leading operating systems including Windows, Android and Apple.

Then take your pick from the enormous choice of hardware available in the market today. There's something to suit every budget from rugged terminals to smart phones. We can advise and also develop a mobile app to suit.

Hub & Spoke

Many organisations operate in a Hub & Spoke configuration with teams of mobile or field workers collaborating with a central control or admin hub.

Now it's easy to enable your field staff to maximise their time and productivity with the use of a mobile app paired with a web application where data is exchanged between the two, so both groups can get the maximum benefit from the software - accessing exactly what they need, when they need it.

Improve Your Productivity

Time is money, especially if you run mobile teams where fuel costs alone mean you need to optimise the use of every working hour.

Eliminating duplication in processes, reducing the amount of paper, removing re-keying and eradicating errors all contribute to the bottom line. Paired web & mobile apps can deliver all this and more.

Eliminate Errors

To err is human but it does cost money. In-built error checking, in-context help, work instructions, check lists and reminders can all be delivered via a mobile app to help field workers do their jobs even better.

Why use your best and brightest assets - your people - to do dull, repetitive work which is inherently error-prone? Better to let them use their knowledge and skills to deliver added-value and great service to your customers!