Web Application Development

Responsive, versatile, cost-effective web apps for complete control - wherever you are!

Web-based applications are now essential to support business and major organisations.

They offer a cost-effective, customisable alternative to off-the-shelf desk top “packaged” applications where software has to be physically installed on PCs, laptops etc. and paid for via often costly licenses.

Instead web apps deliver all the functionality via the web, making the applications accessible, easy to update, and cheap to maintain and develop on.

Developing such applications requires experienced professionals not only fluent in a wide range of cutting edge development techniques, but also with strong communication skills and a flair for business processes and real world operations.

At Perceptis we utilise a wide range of leading web tools and technologies combined with Agile practices, to deliver custom web applications quickly and cost-effectively without re-inventing the wheel!

Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

Web applications can be accessed from any location via a robust Internet connection and on a range of different devices.

Different levels of permission are used to control what each user can see and do.

Anyone with valid login rights can use the application through a modern web browser on a range of devices including desktops, laptops, PDAs, tablet computers and modern smart phones.

No internet connection?

No problem if you need to support field workers without a permanent internet application. We can develop a supporting mobile application that can connect and synchronise with the master database.

Remote workers can pull down the information they need when they have good coverage, work offline and then synch results back when coverage is available again.

Easy To Use

The easier and more intuitive a system is to use, the more productive its users will be. We put a lot of effort into user interface design to make it consistent and straightforward to use. Our customers frequently comment how easy to use our systems are.

Cost Effective

The breadth and depth of our team combined with the use of modern development tools and techniques mean that once the hard work of the system design is complete, then the creation of the code to deliver it is highly efficient - leading to lower overall costs.

Grows With You

The devil’s in the detail so we make a lot of effort to map out and design – in great detail – the overall system functionality and interface. At the same time we like to think about the future, building in the hooks you might need to enable the system to develop along with your business.

Fast & Responsive

We use the latest technologies, highly optimise our code and host only on the latest generation of hardware to ensure our web applications are fast and responsive.

Reliable & Secure

We host in a ‘state of the art’ data centre with full fail safe backup systems.

We know your data can be mission critical to you so we make sure it can never be lost. Security experts at the data centre handle server security and firewalling and our applications are protected by the latest generation of Secure Sockets Layer encryption where appropriate.

Servers run with a mirrored disk system, an automatic hard disk imaging process runs every night and as a ‘belt and braces’ approach the database contents are separately backed up every night.