Membership Software

Automated Membership Administration

If your organisation allows membership and you are administering members by hand, you will know how thankless and time-consuming that can be.

We have developed many Subscription and Membership Systems that handle memberships and events for a range of organisations, including managing and processing online payments.

Online Membership

Membership Sign Up

The best way to avoid time-consuming administration is to allow new members to register for membership online, with a mechanism being put in place to ensure a human is registering and not a hacker's computer system.

If you wish to approve memberships first, the member's account can be marked as provisional until you approve or disapprove it via an administration page. Automated e-mails can be sent to advise the potential member that their application has to be approved and then again to confirm the outcome of that approval process.

Online Membership Payment

If your organisation's members are required to pay for membership, they can be passed to a payment gateway having provided their details. Their membership will only be confirmed if their payment processes successfully, otherwise they will be redirected to a page telling them it has failed, and inviting them to try again.

Recurring Membership Payments

If the membership lasts only for a fixed duration, for example annually, then the Membership Software knows when membership is due for renewal, and can automatically send out several reminder e-mails as the end date approaches.

If payment is needed for each membership period, then the member will be able to click a link or button on their personal account page that will pass them to the payment gateway to collect the fee for the next period.

Events / Conferences

If your organisation promotes events or conferences then we have solutions for this. These events can be listed on the website with full details and allow bookings to be taken with online payment if necessary.

We have developed Membership Software that not only handle online event entry, but complex multi-day conferences with several different payment rates being applicable.

Member Resources

As well as taking memberships and payments we are have delivered projects where the website has 'members only' sections that can be accessed only by a logged in member. It is also possible to have several different levels of membership as necessary.

Self-Managing For Reduced Support

We generally make our membership websites / systems self managing to reduce the support your administration staff need to provide. This would include allowing members to reset their own password and update their own details when they change rather than phoning you. Notifications by e-mail are typically used to inform you when this happens if needed.

Many Possibilities

This is, of course, just a flavour of how good Membership Software might work, but each case is different. Whatever your requirement we would love to discuss with you how we could help make your organisation more efficient and profitable.