Driver Risk Management System

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All companies have a legal and moral obligation to ensure they have considered the health & safety risks to their employees, customers and sub contractors. They need to demonstrate that they have pro-actively removed or reduced any risks they can reasonably control, including risks to employees driving on behalf of the company.

Yet few companies make any attempt to determine whether the employees who drive are actually safe to be on the roads, leaving themselves open to prosecution in the event of a serious accident occurring.

Identifying Risks

The Driver Risk Management System is a web-based interactive tool for assessing fleet drivers. It assesses risk by asking the drivers themselves a serious of questions.

  • Driver risk covers the drivers own skills and abilities and any medical conditions the driver may have.
  • Journey risk covers the type of journeys the driver needs to make and on what types of road and times of day is the driver driving.
  • Vehicle risk covers the type of vehicle the driver is using and considers if the vehicle type or age adds any risk to driving.
  • Lifting & Handling risk covers risks encountered if the driver needs to load or unload the vehicle in any way.

The scores for these allow the company to focus on higher risk drivers and reduce their risk by training or other corrective action. The system keeps a full audit trail and if there is a serious incident the employer is able to show that risk was properly assessed and acted on.

Multiple Location Handling

The Driver Risk Management System is able to handle companies with many operating locations and different managers. Each location can be entered into the system along with the drivers who need to be risk assessed at that location.

Each person responsible for the drivers at a specific location is able to login and see the results and progress of their own drivers, while central management have a higher privilege that lets them see how managers at each location are performing.

Automatic Reminders

The Driver Risk Management system knows when each driver is due to undertake a risk assessment and automatically reminds the driver via e-mail, or to their manager where the driver has no individual e-mail address. It will automatically notify drivers and their manager each time an assessment becomes due.

It is very easy for management to see when any driver's last risk assessment was, when a driver has been notified a new assessment is due and whether the driver is complying and undertaking the risk assessment within the time allowed.