About Perceptis

What do we do?

Software is great at automating costly, complex, time-consuming and error-prone tasks - and we love writing it!

We develop all sorts of bespoke software from dynamic, interactive websites to e-Commerce systems and integrated business applications, using a range of development tools including Open Source and Microsoft.

We work with customers of all sizes from micro businesses to SMEs and larger corporates and invariably help them to improve quality & service, cut costs and improve efficiency.

Why settle for an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all package when you can have something tailor-made that suits your business now and which will grow with you in the future?

Custom software doesn't have to be expensive, late and risky; and making sensible 'spend to save' decisions can be the difference between a healthy profit and disappointing performance in any business of any size or stage of development.

Who are we?

Perhaps we should start with what we're NOT? That's to say we aren't ivory tower dwellers who've never run a business or who'll get you to spend money on things which won't add value or deliver on your SMART objectives.

We are honest professionals who put our best efforts into each and every project we do. We take great pride in our work and run in-house control systems to ensure every project is completed to a consistently high level based on 6 key factors:

  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Relationship
  • Attention to Detail
  • Cost
  • Delivery

That, combined with our open & direct approach, is probably why our customers stick with us for the long term and why a large proportion of our new business comes from personal recommendation.

How do we work?

Rome wasn't built in a day and we're adept at helping you map out a budgeted plan so you can focus on what's essential and needs to be done NOW and what will wait until later when budgets permit.

This means that when you engage Perceptis, you get people who put themselves in your shoes and think firstly from a business perspective, and who want to work in partnership with you as part of your team.

Why choose us?

Put simply, we are there to help your organisation to succeed - to grow, improve efficiency and reduce costs. We stand or fall by the results we achieve, and what we achieve, significantly outweighs our costs.

So for a refreshingly different approach why not contact us for a free, friendly, informal discussion about your needs?