Asset Management Software

Take The Pain Out Of Asset Management

If you have a set of assets that you need to record, monitor and test, then good Asset Management Software could take all the pain out of the process, whilst providing a full audit trail and proof of compliance with any legislative or internal standards.

We have developed bespoke asset management systems for our customers that have turned an unmanageable and error-prone process into a slick, pain-free system.

Recording Assets

With any large set of assets, it is firstly important to be able to identify them all. Our systems typically allow every asset to be recorded, along with all relevant information about that asset. It is possible to group assets by type and the associated information can vary according to the asset type. The Asset Management Software will also identify where each asset is physically located.

Asset Checking & Testing

Site Engineer

Most assets will need some sort of periodic check or test. If governed by legislation, it can be imperative that these tests are never missed if you are to stay within the law.

Our solutions typically allow testing rules to be associated with asset types, so that for each type of asset the system knows what tests need to be done and how often.

The Asset Management System will build a schedule of work consisting of jobs covering similar tasks at the same site or premises.

These jobs can then be allocated to the most appropriate person with the Asset Management Software suggesting who would be best to carry out the work based on their experience, competence & skills and where they are located.

PDA & Tablet Compatible

Jobs can be pulled down to a PDA or Tablet computer, and the PDA software will guide the engineer to each asset or allow him to scan a barcode to identify where he is.

The Asset Management System is able to present the engineer with a full description of each task to be carried out on the asset and can capture test results, and if necessary, photographs of the asset.

Where PDAs or Tablets are not available, the Asset Management Software can produce paper job sheets specific to that job, and results can be input into the main system.

Asset Compliance

Where the results of the asset tests do not meet required standards, the Asset Management System will automatically record this and allow the necessary steps to restore compliance to be recorded. This means there is an audit trail showing that proper corrective action was taken.

Exception Reporting

Exception reports will typically be used to show where any non-compliant assets exist, highlight any outstanding corrective actions and to allow management to quickly identify problem areas. These reports can also be used to identify assets that need replacing or where more general maintenance is required.

Many Possibilities

The process outlined here is, of course, just a basic overview of how an asset management system might work to improve efficiency, compliance and reduce cost. Every case if different and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how a solution from us could help your organisation.