Green Group Website & Members System

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Whittington & Fisherwick Environment Group (WFEG) was formed with the objective of reducing the local parish area to the lowest carbon footprint possible.

To achieve this they set out to encourage households and businesses within the parish to each take small energy reduction steps that when summed together add up to a large reduction in carbon emissions.

WFEG needed an engaging and impactive website to engage the local community and enable them to actively become involved in the project.

Member Account System

The website implements a member account system where people living or working in the parish can signup and access their own private member pages. The system verifies whether they are eligible from the post code and other details they supply.

Members can enter details about their own households or businesses and the system allows multiple members to be linked to the same household or business.

Carbon Footprinting

Each year WFEG undertakes a carbon footprinting exercise, where members are asked to answer a series of questions about their energy usage and lifestyle, which is then aggregated and extrapolated to calculate the overall carbon footprint for the Whittington & Fisherwick Parish.

This data is also used to show members how their own carbon footprint is reducing and individual members are able to recalculate their carbon footprint at any time.

Community Events

WFEG undertake a range of community events that anyone can attend, including the annual Big Green Fair that covers anything to do with reducing carbon emissions of interest to the local community.

To promote this the website features an events calendar, latest news, case studies pages, community events pages and a wealth of useful resources.