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Fillongley Carbon Reduction Club (FCRC) set out with the objective of encouraging those who live in, work in or visit Fillongley to use energy in a more sustainable way and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To promote and provide practical help in achieving this objective they needed a professional grade website, and following winning a grant award they approached Perceptis to build this for them.

Comprehensive Property Database

As part of the grant funded project, FCRC commissioned a leading environmental studies group to collate and provide them with data about the building stock within the Fillongley area as well as figures for typical energy consumption in similar properties.

The data also included information about the differeing types of energy efficiency improvements available indication which would probably yield the best value for money for the home owner depending upon their personal environmental priorities and budget.

Member Accounts

People living or working in the Fillongley area are able to create their own membership accounts and the system links their address with the relevant property in the database.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

Once logged into their account, property owners are able to see a range of measures that could be carried in properties of that type. These measures are further packaged up to show which are likely to produce the best overall energy efficiency, lowest cost and best cost to energy efficiency ratio.

When a property owner implements one of the recommended measures they are able to tell the system the measure has been taken and this allows the team at FCRC to see progress being made.

Suppliers & Resources

The Fillongley Carbon Reduction Website includes a supplier directory, detailing suppliers capable of carrying out the work to implement recommended measures, as well as a wealth of information about what has to be done to implement each measure.


FCRC actively promote their campaign and to aid this the website includes a content managed events calendar, latest news, eNewsletter signup, community projects pages and case study pages.

The website has been carefully search optimised to ensure it gains a good ranking for key search phrases.