Multi-Shop eCommerce

Tienda Multi-Shop eCommerce


An up and coming online retailer of niche outdoor sports equipment needed an eCommerce platform that would allow them to sell their product range through multiple online shops and brands, but with all orders and catalogue functions being handled through one central administration area.

After looking at several alternatives, Perceptis' in-house developed Tienda™ eCommerce platform was chosen as it was the only system to completely meet, and in fact, exceed the retailer's requirements.

Multiple eCommerce Websites

The Tienda™ eCommerce platform allows for multiple eCommerce webshops to be developed, each targeting a specific customer demographic.

This approach is often much more successful than putting all products in a single shop, when different parts of the product catalogue appeal to different market segments. That said the Tienda™ eCommerce system does allow any product to appear in any of the webshops as some overlap is always necessary.

Search Engine Optimisation

The real beauty of this approach is that it allows each eCommerce website to be individually search optimised for just the market segment being targeted and this dramatically increases the visitors compared with running a single webshop.

Single Administration Area

Although other eCommerce systems allow multiple shop instances to be simultaneously live, it is very time consuming and inefficient to have to login to each separate webshop to process orders.

The Tienda™ eCommerce platform solves this problem by allowing all webshops to be managed through one unified administration area within which all tasks can be done.

Feature Packed For Success

As well as being able to handle multiple webshops in a seamless way, Tienda™ is packed with all the features you would expect from a leading-edge eCommerce System.

Since taking the system on the outdoor sports equipment retailer has boosted sales by more than ten-fold!