In the European Union as a whole, the average number of road deaths per million inhabitants is 51.5

The ending of European Union roaming charges for people using mobile phones abroad moved closer after a provisional deal in the European Parliament.

Berners-Lee blasts coach-and-horses driven through security and privacy by government

All online transactions have been stopped after more than 20,000 customers lose money

Do you use a webcam to check on Tiddles the cat or Bonzo the dog while you're at work?

UK will still need to meet the requirements of the GDPR, which will affect organisations of all sizes.Now is the time, if they haven’t already, for businesses to prepare for the inevitable.

Thousands fed up with pervasive snooping from Windows 10, claims privacy group...

Exciting news - for the first time ever, BITA Pathways will be on the suggested charity list for the Birmingham Half Marathon on Sunday 16th October.

Minister forecasts period of uncertainty with Brexit negotiations yet to begin

Google engineers have designed a set of 13 emojis that they say better represent women in the world of work.

Instant messaging service Whatsapp has announced it will encrypt all its users' communications.

The inventor of email and the internet's @ symbol, Ray Tomlinson, has died at the age of 74. Tomlinson is credited with inventing email as we know it in a programme for internet predecessor Arpanet.

Lincolnshire County Council finally got its IT systems back up and running on Monday after a shutdown last week following a ransomware demand.

Lenovo has been forced to release urgent software fixes after a number of embarrassing flaws were uncovered in its products, including one that left a hard-coded password set to '12345678' by default.

The first ever website in the world - coded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee while working at CERN - is 25 years old today.

With EU data protection laws set to redefine what constitutes personal data and how it should be treated, businesses that rely on it need to start to think about what they will offer in exchange.

One of the dominant themes in marketing today is the attempt to create services that add value “beyond the product”. And yet, there are very few successful examples...

Conventional wisdom suggests that customers value loyalty programmes, mainly because of the monetary rewards these programmes provide. However, this claim may be limited because it overlooks....